Liquidity providers

Anyone can be a liquidity provider on 0xTrade Swap. The liquidity provision requires staking of the specific tokens on one side of bridge (one chain). To be a liquidity provider, you first need to decide which chain and token you want to provide liquidity for and then stake into the liquidity pool.
The liquidity provision is less complex than providing liquidity for Uniswap, since 0xTrade Swap only requires the staking of one token type, so it is comparable to single token staking. You can choose to provide liquidity to many tokens on many chains. Liquidity providers will benefit from the bridge fees and also 0xTrade Swap token rewards.
Since assets are actively moving across chains, it is possible that the liquidity consumption is greater on some chains than the others, so in some cases, the liquidity providers may need to withdraw liquidity through other chains that are not the chain they initially staked. It would not affect liquidity providers’ benefit or rewards.